joy, sorrow

thirsty for knowledge
hungry for love
life begins every day, brand new,
and it ends, it depends what you make it out to be.
You go through life, life of joy, sorrow, joy, sorrow, never satisfied
hungry to learn, to experience.

I create, I laugh, I enjoy, I lust
and I create, but the day ends
and another day comes, with its challenges, its pains
and life starts all over again.
I create again and I laugh and go through pain again and again.
It never ceases.
This is the life of humans.
I cherish the moments and I want to leave the body,
but my spirit stops me and helps me through the growth and the pain.
Then again life is full of sunshine and roses and laughter
and it keeps going.

Every day I learn something new but my quench is never satisfied.
The people I meet have limited resources, I learn from them, create with them,
laugh with them, and I see their pain and misery,
and I fly to the sky and meet the divine.
I want to leave this world but my spirit stops me and tells me to learn more and to teach more.
My spirit tells me the world needs me and I can change their lives and I could make a difference.
My tears come down my face and I sallow my sorrows and wait for it to end and I begin my life again.

I feel I am vast but have limited resources.  My spirit is free trapped in my mind and my body and I suffocate.

I enjoy life, capture the moment, smell the roses, breathe the air, see the beautiful green trees and the sunshine and then I contract again and I suffocate.

When is this going to end?  Every time I ask the question, I get the answer that the next day will be full of joy and roses and laughter again, but the same thing goes on again and again and I go through pain again and laughter again and it never ends!…

Armineh Keshishian
Spring 1999©

© Copyright 2011 Amineh Keshishian. All rights reserved