In the grandiose of things
Nothing matters, all passes
All it remains is beauty, pain
And then beauty
And life goes on to another cycle.

What matters is what you gave and
What you received,
The experiences you’ve had
The beauty you’ve had,
And what you portrayed and penetrated.

The compassion you had
The friends you made
The lives you changed and affected!

Nothing goes unnoticed in the book of life!

The feelings we share
The moment we share
Is never unnoticed.
It has an affect, an impact.
For what is the purpose of it all!
It seems the purpose is to give and to receive
And to feel and be felt,
To give an impact
And have an impact,
As life is created by such.

So be it! So beautiful and so perfect!

Armineh Keshishian
May 30,2005 ©

© Copyright 2011 Amineh Keshishian. All rights reserved